1. Utilize your space with extra texture. Take your vanity's charm up a notch by bringing in a variety of accessories with complementary textures and finishes. When you add new brilliant touches with a fur seat cover or additional velvet touches, your bedroom and vanity area can be absolutely elegant.

2. Try to be innovative. Don't go for an ordinary vanity set with just a white table and a few Q-tips. You have to innovative and stand out from the crow. Try some of our various products that are compatible.

3. Don't forget the flowers. The easiest way to transform a vanity is to add in a bouquet of flowers. A little vase full of fresh blooms whether is roses, lilies, sunflowers, you take your pick and have your vanity bloom with aroma.

4. Work your vanity work into a gallery wall. If you already have a gallery wall taking up considerable space in your room, look for a vanity and mirror that coordinates with the frames you're already using. Mirrors are often used alongside photos in gallery walls, so your vanity's mirror won't feel misplaced. Just choose one of our many mirrors to embellish your room.

5. Make it multifunctional. Short on space but don't want to give up a designated primping space? Not to worry, vanities can easily pull double duty if styled correctly. One of the easiest ways to make the space multifunctional is to place it next to your bed in lieu of a traditional nightstand.. 

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