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BlingPink USA

Bling Full Size Stapler

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** DIMENSIONS: 4.5/1.25/2 (in) **

STYLISH: If you love bling and you’ve been wanting to upgrade your office or your home, this is perfect for you. The bling will make your office pop as well as identifying this stapler as uniquely yours! If you want your office to stand out, this is perfect for you.

PRACTICAL: This isn’t just a cute stapler, it’s also highly functional! It can hold up to 20 sheets at once, making this a highly efficient stapler as well. You can also easily open it to replace the staples anytime you are running low.

PERFECT GIFT: This gift is perfect for anyone who loves bling and is great for any occasion! It’s especially perfect as a college gift, or for anyone who got a new job!

HIGH QUALITY: It’s an affordable price for the quality you’ll get! The rhinestones utilized are luxurious, meaning they’ll give off a bling that will last you a long time, so you never have to worry about that sparkle going away.

EASY TO USE: You don't have to worry about finding a certain brand or type of staplers, as it can store major brand staplers (up to 100!) and is the standard size stapler seen in most offices. Use it with ease!


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