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Bling Phone + Tablet Holder Stand

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PRACTICAL: If you don't want to keep picking up your phone all day during work just to check for notifications, this is perfect for you! It holds your phone safely so that whenever you get a notification or want to check the time, you can just simply glance over. As it is slightly elevated, you can also charge your phone with your charging cable while it is on the stand as well!

MULTIPURPOSE: You don't just need to put this in your office, it's also great to put in your kitchen whenever you want to follow along a recipe or you want to watch a video! You can put it anywhere, easing strain on your hands.

GREAT GIFT: This is the perfect gift to give to anyone who is always on their phone and needs it but doesn't want to get too distracted! The elevated level of it makes it also great for those who may experience strain from staring downwards at their phone. It's a great gift that also shows off your sense of taste!

HIGH QUALITY: We only use high quality items for our products. You'll never have to worry about the stand breaking or the rhinestones falling off!

LUXURIOUS: The rainbow crystal AB rhinestones we use for our products means that you will get a one of a kind shine and bling unlike any other, making wherever you put this stand out!


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