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BlingPink USA

Bling Mini Travel Mug with Handle and Twistable Lid

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PRACTICAL: The lid is removable, and it is easily twistable, making your drinks secure and easy to access. You don't have to worry about it spilling anywhere, making it super comfortable and easy to travel with on the go!

MULTIPURPOSE: This is the perfect travel mug. You can easily take it on your daily commute, or for any travels! The size makes it easy to put not just water or coffee, but food as well! Cereal, oatmeal, or even soup can easily be put in here for a quick breakfast or lunch for your breaks or your commute!

HIGH QUALITY: You won't have to worry about water spilling or the cup getting hot, as you can easily use the lid and handle for your convenience! The rhinestones are also securely attached, so you can get maximum bling without having to worry about fall out.

LUXURIOUS: We only use very high-quality rhinestones and materials to make our products. You can ensure that you won't have to worry about the stones falling off or your water being a temperature you don't want it to be!

PERFECT GIFT: Whether it's for someone who wants to stay healthy or just anyone in your life, it's a perfect gift that shows that not only do you have great taste, but you care about their health as well!


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