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Bling Dazzling Rhinestone Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse Set, Compatible with All

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DAZZLING: The keyboard and the mouse are decorated with high quality, dazzling rhinestones that will set your office apart. They are glued on securely to ensure that the precious sparkle you desire will stay on forever! Our rhinestones are known for giving off a great sparkle that's unlike any other, making this a great purchase at a wallet-friendly price.

EASY TO USE: You won’t have to worry about complex installations; simply just connect your keyboard and the mouse through the USBs provided and you’re good to go! You can easily clear some space on your desk thanks to no wires. Anyone can connect this, making it great for any ages as well!

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL: Whether you have a Windows or a Mac, this set easily works with both! You don’t have to worry about any delays or malfunctions. As long as your laptop or desktop have USB ports, it'll work!

PERFECT GIFT: This set is ideal to give to anyone who loves bling and is perfect for any occasion, especially to give to someone who is getting a new job! This gift will reflect your thoughtfulness and your luxurious style. Even those who struggle with technology will greatly appreciate this gift, thanks to the amazing glam and the easy to use set up.

HIGH QUALITY: We use AB rainbow crystal rhinestones, which are known to give a great sparkle, and our rhinestones are glued carefully with care as well! You also don't have to worry about lag time or the keys not working properly; everything is ensured to run smoothly while looking amazing!


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