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BlingPink USA

Bling Handheld Rhinestone Diamond Heart Shaped Mirror

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PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Our mirror is just the right size, so it is perfect to carry around in your purse or bag for any emergency touchups! It also means that it’s so light, you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy. It's also foldable and slim, making it super slim and not bulky at all!

STYLISH: This make up bling mirror will add glam to any desk! The rhinestones are of extremely high quality and will give off a sparkle unlike any other. Additionally, the design of the mirror is very stylish and will be the perfect detail for your desk.

PRACTICAL: Leave it in your purse, car, or even desk drawers for the perfect accessory for a last minute touchup. Every detail, from big to small won’t go unnoticed when you use this mirror!

DAZZLING: Our mirror is studded with beautiful rhinestones that will create a sparkle and bling wherever you go. It will add glam to your life and will be the source of envy from all your friends. The adorable heart detail also makes this a one of kind mirror that will surely glam up your desk or car as well!

ADORABLE: This heart shaped mirror with bling is truly a one of a kind design and will add luxury and a sense of adorable charm to any desk!


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