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BlingPink USA

Bling High Heel Shaped Wine Holder

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PRACTICAL: Not only is this luxurious and beautiful, it's a practical gift for anyone to enjoy! Don't waste your wine during this holiday season; simply use this wine holder to keep your wine safe, making it both a piece of decor and something luxurious and practical. It is suitable for nearly all wines, whether it's a white wine or a red one.

STYLISH: This will take any wine bottle and instantly turn it into a piece of gorgeous decor! The high-quality rhinestones will give off a bling and shine unlike any other, making your kitchen or dining table stand out instantly.

HIGH QUALITY: You don't have to worry about the wine bottle toppling off nor do you have to worry about the rhinestones falling off -- we here at BlingPink take pride in our high quality products, meaning you'll love it no matter what.

EASY TO USE: Any one can use it thanks to its no frills, hassle free method. Simply just put your wine bottle in the heel and let it instantly glam up your room!

PERFECT GIFT: Especially for the holiday season, this is the perfect stocking stuffer to give to just about anyone, even yourself! The gorgeous, unique design, as well as its practicality, will make it stand out and it's a guaranteed hit.


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