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BlingPink USA

Bling Rhinestone Dazzling Sphere Battery Alarm Clock

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SIZE: 3.5 x 3.5 IN

* UNIQUE STYLE: Bring back the old fashioned, analog style clocks with this alarm clock! You get the best of both worlds: modern day bling and luxury with a lovely vintage style design for the clock face. It’s certainly a feast for the eyes and is not only practical, but beautiful!

* EASY TO USE: You don’t have to worry about any complicated technology with this alarm clock, it works just like your childhood clock. It has easy to read numbers and is clearly visible!

* SILENT MOVEMENT: You don’t have to worry about any annoying ticking, so it doesn’t tick for restless sleepers. It’s a guaranteed good sleep!

* PRACTICAL: It’s the alarm clock everyone knows and loves, just with some bling! Anyone of any age can use it due to how easy and simple it is!

* PERFECT SIZE: The smaller size of the alarm clock makes it easy to put onto any vanity or desk or bedside table! It'll look gorgeous on your nightstand, and will be the perfect way to add more bling to any room!


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