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BlingPink USA

Crystal Magnified Vanity Mirror

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  • PRACTICAL: This mirror will brighten any dark place, making it easy to put on makeup no matter the lighting in any room. It will also help you see your makeup in close up detail, and will help get you adjust any fine details in your makeup!
  • STYLISH: This bling mirror will add glam to any desk! The rhinestones are of extremely high quality and will give off a sparkle unlike any other. Additionally, the design of the mirror is very stylish and will be the perfect detail for your desk.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves bling and wants to glam their room! It is the perfect gift for any occasion and for any loved ones in your life.
  • PORTABILITY: Cordless and lightweight, this mirror is so easy to take around anywhere! From your home to your dorm, you can take it anywhere to turn anywhere into a vanity.
  • DOUBLE MAGNIFICATION: This mirror will let you easily pay attention to small things like your eyeliner or your blush easily thanks to its double magnification! You no longer have to sit uncomfortably close to a mirror in order to fix small mistakes or touch up on your makeup!



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