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Crystal Utensils Travel Set (2PC: Spoon+Chopsticks with Case and Pouch)

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PRACTICAL: We use the best quality materials possible to ensure that you can have a pleasant experience! No meal is complete without any of these items, so why not combine your love of bling and practical necessities in one?

HIGH QUALITY: These products -- the spoon and chopsticks -- have a pleasant grip and you can ensure that the rhinestones are glued securely so you don't have to worry about them falling off ever. These utensils will certainly make your lunches a delight!

LUXURIOUS: Instantly upgrade your kitchen and lunch bag with these one of kind utensils. It'll instantly brighten up your dining room table, making it that much more stylish and put together.

PERFECT GIFT: It's a great gift to give to anyone, thanks to how practical and gorgeous it is! It's a great gift idea for a housewarming present, and you can show off your great gift giving skills thanks to the high quality and dazzling nature of these items.

CONVENIENT: With the case, you can simply pop it into your bag for constant, easy access! Not to mention, keeping it as sanitary as possible!


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