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Crystal Phone Mount Universal (w/ Free Phone Ring!)

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  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION: The 360-degree rotation ensures you’ll get the best angle no matter how you’re sitting! You no longer have to crane your neck just to see what direction you have to go
  • SAFE: The holder ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging, as you won’t be distracted by having to type. Plus, it will keep your phone secure as you drive.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Due to its design, it’s compatible with all phones! Just stretch the handles to fit the size of your phone accordingly!
  • STYLISH: The rhinestones will add the perfect touch to your car! It will add a stylish bling that will surely attract
  • FREE GIFT: By ordering this, you’ll get a free phone ring to put on the back of your phone! You’ll get additional support for your phone, outside of the car as well too!


Product Description

This luxury bling phone holder is the perfect item for you if you do not want to attach anything to the backside of your phone. It also comes with a free phone ring as a gift! All you need to do is slip your phone into this holder and adjust/manipulate the sleeves so that it secures your phone properly. You can easily reach your phone because you can attach it to any air vent within arm’s length. It takes up little space, easy to put on and take off using the clip-on attachment, or suction cup with the tab. Also, it can rotate your phone screen in 360 degrees: 360 degree rotatable cradle allows you to adjust the cradle horizontally or vertically easily. It helps you find the perfect angle to view your smartphone at a quick glance. The glamour of the item definitely reflects the owner’s taste in quality, of luxury and flare. This bling phone holder is a perfect item for a person who loves bling bling.



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